Sarah S. Johnson

- About the Author

Sarah S. Johnson is an award-winning over comer of challenges and adversities. She is also a mother to "just 5" talented, gifted and amazing children. Sarah is a fanatical, excited lover and pleaser of God and even while faced with continual challenges, such as molestation, abandonment, domestic violence, cancer (survivor), divorce, the death of her father -- blows from EVERY side, she counts it an honor to have been chosen by God as His model. Sarah is forever grateful for EVERY opportunity to serve as a model for God's goodness, grace, mercy, love, unmerited favor, strength and healing.

A small token of her gratitude for the platform He has given her through every trial, tear, and disappointment is to reach out with both hands to encourage and help every woman and man know that they too can overcome the giants they face today. An entrepreneur of multiple businesses, author and mentor are just a few of the roles that she actively enjoys and pursues. She also serves in the community along with her children in feeding the homeless. Sarah is living proof that God does make good on His promises.

Sarah finds comfort in cooking and reading a great book. She received her master's degree in Biblical Theological Studies in December of 2018 at Southwestern Assemblies of God University in Waxahachie, Texas where she is currently enrolled in the Master of Divinity program.

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Within just five months time, Sarah experienced three major deaths in her life. Upon being diagnosed with cancer, she experienced the death of who she thought she was. Then she was hit with the death of her marriage. As if that were not enough to deal with, she went through the death of her father. Experiencing deaths like these in rapid succession often creates such a grief overload and life-shaking that one cannot recover and can even bring on the death of one trying to survive. But God had a far greater plan for Sarah.

Survivor Once, Survivor for Life offers a sigh of relief for others to know that all is not lost and there is purpose in the mishaps of our lives. Many times people go through life in denial, thinking they can avoid those types of troubles that will literally shake their entire world. But they show up for everybody. For believers, it's important not to assume that the shaking is solely of the devil. If you are willing to move forward with open eyes and an open heart, you will find truth.

It's in the shaking that you will find your God-given strength and abilities. It's in the shaking that you will hold onto every ounce of hope you have in your Heavenly Father. It's in the shaking where you will see the love of your Father as He prunes the unnecessary ill-willed desires, people and things that you have held onto and which are not part of God's plan for your life. When fruit has been picked from the garden, the shaking and washing happens simultaneously. Then and only then is the fruit ready to be served and eaten. Embrace your shaking and washing so that you can be presented to your God-given purpose and plans.

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